From custom design, new builds, renovations, and tenant improvement, we’ve established ourselves as experts in commercial construction projects. We’ve worked on retail spaces, indoor grows, offshore cottages, film studios, and everything in between. There’s one reason that our projects have been recognized throughout the industry and 95 percent of our jobs have come from client referrals: our commitment to excellence. 

We take pride in our work. It shows.


Fraser Heights - Roof Expansion

Creating additional space for a new restaurant tenant and performing major structural and seismic upgrades.


Valley Commons

Fourt was commissioned to help in the renovation of what was "The Bench Wine Bar" to the "Valley Commons Tasting Room and Bistro"

Exterior H+H


Transforming a dilapidated 1950's era paper building on Terminal Ave in Nanaimo into a modern, purpose-built cannabis retail space.

Inspiration Mackie's Design

Mackie's Place

Mackie's Place, an after-school hub serving at-risk youth in Surrey, BC, has partnered with Mosaica Design to refresh and update the main bathroom at their location. Mackie's Place offers job skills training, free meals, employment opportunities, and homeschool options.

xxi acres

XXI Acres

Currently under construction, this project will become a remarkable transformation of a horse stable into a state-of-the-art high-tech grow operation. Located in a rural area, the stable , used for horses, lacked the necessary infrastructure to accommodate a grow op. However, the challenge was welcomed by the team and an impressive transformation is currently underway. The space was first gutted and completely redesigned to accommodate the high-tech equipment needed for the grow op. This will include the installation of a new HVAC system, electrical and plumbing work, and the implementation of a high-tech monitoring system to ensure optimal conditions for the plants. The design of the grow op was carefully planned to maximize space and efficiency. The team will installed multiple tiers of growing trays, all of which are to be automated for easy maintenance. The trays are equipped with an advanced hydroponic system and LED grow lights, allowing for precise control over the growth cycle of the plants. The result will be a sleek, modern, and high-tech space that allows for the growth of high-quality produce year-round. The system's efficiency and automation mean that the grow op requires minimal maintenance and can produce an impressive yield with only a small amount of square footage. Additionally, the system's eco-friendly design ensures minimal impact on the environment. Overall, this transformation is a testament to the versatility of space and the importance of innovation in agriculture. This project showcases the ability to repurpose existing structures for new and exciting purposes, while also demonstrating the potential for high-tech solutions to address food production challenges in a sustainable way.